Beware of Lyme Disease – You could have it & Doctors Don’t Even Know!

Lyme Disease is not a Hidden Disease. I am posting this awareness because Lyme disease can go undiagnosed by doctors or even misdiagnosed. Like syphilis, it will MIMIC other disease & illnesses. There are several tests they use to see if you have Lyme disease and sometimes a person can have it & it doesn’t show up on the tests. Treatment is makes this disease curable ONLY IF DETECTED EARLY. So if your misdiagnosed, you will suffer the illness with no real help or cure in the future. MY STORY REAL QUICK: My daughter was diagnosed with this disease. Then two days later, I received a call from the doctor that she didn’t have it. When I researched how the tests are sometimes wrong and are not always accurate, I kept my daughter on the medicine the doctor first prescribed instead of taken her off of it by the doctors recommendation. I am not a doctor, so I am not recommending anyone do the same.  All I know is that the joint pain that my daughter was complaining about (which the doctors never explained what it was from if it wasn’t Lyme disease) is gone after taken the medicine they prescribed for Lyme Disease. My daughter doesn’t complain of this joint pain anymore, so I believe she may have had Lyme Disease.  I see the illness of Lyme Disease more horrible than taken medicine that she may have not needed, so I made the choice. Watch the videos below to learn the signs and the testimonies about how Lyme Disease has gone untreated by waiting too long and now theses people’s lives are destroyed.


  1. Bull’s Eye Rash is the First Sign!
  2. Headaches, Joint Pain, Sleeping a lot ,Memory loss etc…
THE TESTIMONIES This testimony is amazing. Please watch and see what the children were treated for instead of Lyme Disease as it went undiagnosed by doctors. This testimony is good, but you should take the strong medicine that doctors prescribe, because it is curable but only EARLY! (1872) Page Views
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