Truth's Brought to the Light

James Holmes Imposter

James Holmes Imposter Visit for more information (2501) Page Views

Public School’s Solitary Confinement for “unruly students”

Public School’s Solitary Confinement for “unruly students” (1470) Page Views

Bad Seeds

Bad Seeds (1193) Page Views

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid- Evidence that our world isn’t more intelligent than the past, but we are far behind. (1658) Page Views

Expanding Earth

Expanding Earth Is the theory of a growing earth. Al l the continents fit together like a puzzle. To contrast, this is what they teach you in school… Which sounds more believable or realistic? (1407) Page Views

Hidden Truth About..

Strange Realities

Learn the truth about strange realities such as ghosts, or spirits, fallen angels or Nephilims, Aliens and Reptilians, Time Traveling etc...

Food & Medicine

Learn about your food and how it has changed since the days of creation. We will also expose the truth about Modern Medicine, Diseases and Sicknesses.

Money & Finance

What is real money? After watching a few videos you will learn how gold & silver is the only real money and how paper money to credit cards is causing our own enslavement.

Freedom & World Powers

You have "Natural Human Rights" when you are born, but many are taken away by deceit & world powers. Learn them so you don't easily give them up.
This site can be considered a Conspiracy Theory website. A conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public. Those who want you believe its just a "theory" have given it this name. Research for yourself & know the truth that has been made to be hidden.